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Montclair Township

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Steve Wood, Director Community ServicesCommunity Services Building
219 North Fullerton Avenue
Montclair, NJ 07042

Stephen Wood, Director
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The Department of Community Services is responsible for streets, public property and parks, refuse collection and recycling, shade tree maintenance, snow and leaf removal, water utility, all community infrastructure, engineering.

A Web-Aided Community PDF Print E-mail
Community Services

altWho would have thought, a couple decades ago, that the Internet would grow into everyday life like it has -- and even helps towns like Montclair run public affairs and essential services? The Web, which started in such a rudimentary form with basic content, soon was stereotyped as the domain of game-players and basement hackers. But this global network that all people construct and maintain together is much more than even its initial architects could have foreseen.

Bottom Up

The reason the online space has flourished, and so quickly, has to do with two main reasons -- both of which lend great support to community management in particular. First, the pool of content is both official or commercial as well as organically created by all online users and amateur publishers. Second, it is scalable to whatever level of social focus is needed, from worldwide news, national circumstances, local happenings, club meetings, and individuals sharing their lives.

That is an amazing diversity of resources, when you stop to look at it appreciatively. The fact is that this online world works well for managing practical concerns: towns, cities and places all around the world are using the Web to make societies function smoother.

Got it All

The only drawback of the Internet, depending upon how you look at things, is that it offers maximum choice in a wide variety of information and content, and yet, it requires maximum discipline and good media literacy skills -- as every parent knows not only from their kids' points of view but their own as adults.

One of the most progressive and amazing functions of the Internet in daily life is to manage projects or communities of various sizes -- although of course, we don't talk of 'managing' things online in the same as way as with brick-and-mortar establishments.

Problems and issues can get worked on and solved without a single leader, and simply by many people adding a little of what they know at the right moments or whenever they can chime in. There is a distributed model of effort and involvement that fits well with the fast-paced ways in which we live today.

At the present stage, most people are still adjusting to the resources available, learning to use them better, and getting skilled at avoiding e-trash or even e-criminals. Since we are indeed curious creatures by nature, once again, it is the vastness of online space and yet its richness of detail that always may require a bit of discipline!

Not only are townships making use of this 'crowd-sourcing' power of the Web, as well as social networking, so are businesses that run groups, clubs, or events. Imagine how huge malls or entertainment complexes like casinos in Vegas make great use of the Web to make the wheels turn. Online communities are becoming there own social forces, and one day they might assume more responsibility or even influence upon normal affairs at local levels.

When people use these tools better, and they are able to resist the amusing moments found at a top online casino uk sites offer, for example, as they complete online coursework or communicate with far-flung family members. Our town is already harnessing the Web to make Montclair modern and yet warm -- and we hope nearby areas to the same for their own residents.

Paving Update from the Department of Community Services PDF Print E-mail
Community Services

Midland milling was completed Wednesday afternoon.

Due to graduation activities Paving will be postponed and will start on Wednesday, June 24 and continue until completed. Notices will be distributed to residents on Monday advising of this.

Paving on Midland Avenue will start at Bloomfield Avenue and proceed north to Watchung Avenue.

Curbing work will continue on Park Street near the Watchung Train Station. It will not interfere with graduation activities. Notices will be distributed to residents in the area on Friday.

Reminder to Residents: Refuse Container Size Limit to be Enforced PDF Print E-mail
Community Services

35-gallon trash canEffective August 11, 2014 the Township of Montclair will strictly enforce Ordinance § 292-21which limits the size and weight of refuse/garbage containers. For questions, please contact the Department of Community Services at 973-509-5711.

Q: What is a suitable refuse container? (Ordinance § 292-21 Suitable Receptacles)

Refuse/Recycling/Bulk Waste Collection Schedule PDF Print E-mail
Community Services

Download refuse schedule. (Includes collection areas maps.)

Please call the Department of Community Services Service Desk at (973) 509-5711 with any questions.