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Montclair Township



• Bids and RFPs - Visit the Finance section's Bids & RFPs information request page to see open bids and RFPs and request more information.

Finding a Township Ordinance – All Montclair Township Oridnances are posted with General Code E-Code - a searchable database of the Montclair Township Code.

• Permits and Forms - visit our Form and Document Center where you will find a number of downloadable forms.

Can't find the form? - Not all township forms and applications are currently available online. We will be adding more as they become available in digital format. in the mean time, a number of forms and applications can be obtained from the Township Municipal Clerk's Office (973-509-4900):

  • Landscaper Licenses
  • ABC Licenses
  • Copies of Local Ordinances
  • Taxi and Livery Licenses
  • Copies of Zoning Ordinances
  • Archival Information
  • Township Maps
  • Theatre Licenses
  • Filming Permits
  • Parking Permits
  • Raffle and Bingo Licenses
  • Peddler and Mobile Vendor Licenses
  • Cabaret Licenses
  • Auctioneers Licenses

Download the Refuse Collection Schedule with once per week collection area map. For questions, call the Department of Community Services: 973-509-5711.