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Montclair Township

Police Blotter for 7-2-12


On June 24, 2012 at approx. 0838 hours, patrol units responded to a North Fullerton address on a report of a burglary that occurred over night.  Upon arrival officers were informed by the homeowner that the family went to bed at approx. 2300.  A rear living room first floor window was left open slightly.  Upon awaking they could not find a purse they left in the kitchen.  Believing it may have been left in one of their vehicles, they stepped outside to look in their 2007 silver Toyota Sienna.  The vehicle was missing from the driveway.  Further inspection of the home revealed that entry was made through the window left open over night.  The screen had been pushed up and the window opened all the way.  The vehicle’s keys, which were in the stolen purse, were used to steal the vehicle.  Also taken from the home was a Nikon D90 camera.  Inside the stolen vehicle was a 32GB iPod touch and a Magellan GPS unit.  Anyone with information contact Det. Cunningham at 973 509 4716.


On June 24, 2012 at approx. 1018 hours, officers responded to the Walnut Street parking lot on a report of a theft from a motor vehicle.  The vehicle owner advised police that he parked his 1995 BMW at approx. 1600 on Saturday the 22nd.  He was gone for the weekend and when he returned on the 24th he found his front driver’s side window smashed.  Taken from the vehicle was a duffle bag that contained baseball equipment and uniform.  Anyone with information contact Det. Turner at 973 509 4724.


On June 26, 2012 at approx. 1240 hours, patrol officers responded to an Alexander Avenue address to take a report of a suspicious act.  Officers were informed by the homeowner that she had advertised the sale of a statue on Craig’s list.  She was contacted by email by an unknown person by the name of Ashley Canfield.  The subject stated in interest in the purchase of the statue and sent a check for $2800.00.  The homeowner suspected the check to be fraudulent and contact the issuing bank, Silicon Valley, from Santa Clara California which confirmed this.  No further contact had been attempted by the buyer.  Urge residents of Montclair doing business via Craig’s list to research buyers or sellers.


On June 26th at approx. 1547hours, officers responded to Moline Kronberg Dry Cleaners on a report of graffiti.    The caller showed officers the west wall of the business that graffiti spray painted on it.  Caller reports the act to have occurred between 1830 hours on the 25th and 0700 hours on the 26th.  Anyone with information contact the juvenile bureau.


On June 26th at approx. 1948 hours a Montclair resident and his sixteen year old daughter came in to the lobby of Police headquarters to report a dog bite.  He informed officers that his daughter was riding her bicycle westbound on the south side of Claremont Avenue near Park Street.  As she passed an unknown black male walking a large black dog unknown breed, the dog attacked her knocking her to the ground.  The dog then bit her on the left thigh.  The dog released her and the dog and owner fled east of Claremont Avenue.  The resident did not wish an ambulance respond at that time.  He would get medical care for her if needed.  Anyone with information contact code enforcement of the police department.   


On 06/26/2012 Officers responded to a Franklin Place address and a Willowmere address on rocks being thrown through windows.  They responded Franklin Place at 2121 hours and Willowmere at 2147 hours.  Nothing was taken from either location, however a black male was seen by the Willowmere homeowner standing at the northeast corner of the home.  The black male then fled on foot south toward Canterbury Park.  Anyone with information contact the juvenile aid bureau.


On June 27th at approx 1215 hours, officers responded to Glenfield middle school on a report of a theft.  Officers were informed by the principal that three iPads were stolen from a locked cabinet in the basement Technology lab.  There was no damage to the cabinet.  The key to the cabinet was also missing.  Also stolen were two Motorola bearcom portable radios.  Anyone with information contact the police department.


On June 20th and June 22nd two vehicles were vandalized.  A white 2010 Nissan Altima was found to have a gouge approx twelve inches in length on the passenger door.  Damage occurred between 0645 and 1500 hours on June 20th.  A gray 2009 Dodge Challenger was found to have a continuous scratch from the rear passenger quarter panel to the front driver’s side fender.  Vehicle was parked on June 21st at approx. 1630 hours undamaged.  The damage was discovered on June 22nd at approx. 0100 hours.  Anyone with information contact the police department.