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Montclair Township

Street Improvement Program

What are we doing?
Capital projects for street improvements are programmed by the Engineering Bureau and presented to the Township Council for spending authorization. The process begins with the street condition inspection. In these inspections, we rate the condition of pavement, curbs and drainage for each public street. The condition report is then used to develop a priority ranking for each street segment. Finally, based on the priority ranking, projects are scheduled for design and construction of improvements.

Many residents inquire about sidewalk reconstruction by the Township when their street is being improved. Sidewalks are generally not included in Township projects because by ordinance, their maintenance is the responsibility of the adjoining property owner. There are two exceptions to this policy: 1) For Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funded projects, which are limited to low income areas (based on census data) and 2) where proposed improvements would cause the sidewalk to flood, e.g. the road edge is raised as a result of new curb construction.

PAVING NOTICE: Park St Between Chestnut St and Bloomfield Ave PDF Print E-mail

Men at Work signMilling of Park Street between Chestnut Street and Bloomfield Avenue will take place on or about Thursday, August 27 and Friday, August 28; paving will take place on or about Monday, August 31 and Tuesday, September 1, weather permitting.

Milling and resurfacing operations will begin at approximately 7:30 a.m. Streets will be closed at various times throughout these days, as detailed below.

Any resident or business owner wishing to use their vehicle(s) on these days must remove the vehicle(s) from driveways and park elsewhere by 7:00 a.m.

MILLING -- The roadway will be open to traffic once milling operations and all clean up has been completed. Expect delays due to the contractor’s activity if are driving through the work area. Once milling has been completed, please use caution while driving or walking in these areas, as the manholes will be raised.

PAVING -- The roadway will remain closed to traffic for a short time after paving, while the asphalt cools. No vehicles will be permitted on the roadway until the contractor has removed the barricades.

Police officers will be directing traffic during the milling and paving operations.

The inspector for the paving is Ebbie Faraji. If there is a problem and the inspector is not on site, we ask that you do not approach the contractor but immediately call the Department of Community Services at 973-509-5711. The inspector will contact you by phone and/or return to the job site within a short time.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Street Reconstruction PDF Print E-mail

What is included in the project? The Township will be milling and paving the roadway in your neighborhood within the next few days weather permitting.

How long will the work take? The construction time will vary depending on the street length, however you can expect work to last approximately three (3) to five (5) days. Please note all estimates for length of construction are estimates, which may be affected by inclement weather, material supply problems, etc.

What are construction hours? Work hours are typically 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Will the street be closed? The street will be closed to through traffic during the milling and paving operation. These closings will not extend beyond the workday. In fact, it is preferable to close the street both for the safety of motorists and the contractor’s personnel. Parking on the street is prohibited during construction activities, but is allowed when the contractor is not working, i.e. evenings and weekends. You can expect delays getting in and out due to construction activity. If you require immediate access to your vehicle(s) during the day; we recommend parking your vehicle(s) elsewhere before 7:00 a.m. on construction days.

Will access to my driveway be blocked and if so, for how long? During the time the milling and paving is actually being completed you will not be able to use your driveway. Prior to the posted construction start date and time you should then move any vehicle(s) you need to use off the street before 7:00 a.m. on that day

Will I be able to park on the street at night? Generally, yes. We work with the Montclair Police Department to monitor construction areas in order to prevent residents in those areas from being ticketed when parked on the street at night. However, this does not mean you may park in violation of traffic laws (no parking within 10 ft. of a hydrant, 25 ft. of an intersection or crosswalk, etc.).

What should I do if there’s a problem? The Township assigns a supervisor to each project and you can always speak to him or her at the job site. The supervisor for this project is Rob Bianco. If the supervisor is not on site, we ask that you do not approach the contractor but immediately call the Department of Community Services at 973-509-5711. The supervisor will contact you by phone and/or return to the job site within a short time.

Township Plans Upgrades to Valley Rd & Church St Fountain PDF Print E-mail

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Engineering Bureau is completing plans for reconstructing the mini roundabout and fountain at the intersection of Valley Road and Church Street. Plans include replacing the pump and nozzle for the fountain which has been out of service since earlier this year.

The circle around the fountain will also see an upgrade with new curbing and a colored concrete surface to complement the brick fountain pool. Area improvements will include new curb along the storefronts and traffic calming bump-outs at Church Street and Trinity Place. Improvements will complement the recent upgrade to South Park Street as well as the new retail and residential development at Valley and Bloomfield Avenue.