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Montclair Township

Animal Control Policies & Ordinances
Montclair Township Ordinances regarding pet ownership, licensing, breeding, keeping wild animals and others, can be found in this section. Also posted is the Township's euthanasia policy.

Animal Control Ordinances PDF Print E-mail

Below are the Montclair Township Ordinances pertaining to animal control (Article and Ordinance numbers cited) taken from the Montclair E-Codes General Code (Animal Control legislation is listed in Section II, Chapter 82).

Article I: Dogs
Article II: Wild or Non-domestic Animals
Article III: Trapping of Birds or Animals

Article IV: Animal Raising or Breeding
Article V: Cats
Article VI: Feeding of Wildlife
Article VII: Animal Control Officers

Animal Euthanasia Policy PDF Print E-mail

Township of Montclair Animal Euthanasia Policy
Draft as of 11/21/08

Euthanasia is an unfortunate but sometimes necessary part of animal sheltering.

Dogs that are medically declared incurable or injured and suffering shall be euthanized upon the medical opinion of a veterinarian appointed by the township to render such professional judgments. Dogs that are aggressive or repeat biters and are considered dangerous to other animals or people may be examined by a veterinarian to rule out any medical reason for the aggression.