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Montclair Township


Kimberli CraftMontclair Township Engineering Bureau
219 North Fullerton Avenue
Montclair, NJ 07042

Kimberli Craft, Township Engineer
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The Montclair Engineering Bureau is primarily responsible for design and construction management for capital improvements to Township infrastructure. Program areas include street improvements, parks, and drainage/storm sewers. The Township Engineer also serves as the designated Stormwater Program Coordinator for Montclair, in compliance with New Jersey's Stormwater Management regulations adopted in 2004.

Other responsibilities of the Engineering Bureau include permitting and inspections for private construction of sidewalk, curb and driveway aprons; traffic engineering and safety studies; maintenance of Township street and tax maps; and assistance to residents with engineering-related matters.

The Montclair SAFE initiative was recently launched to support walking and bicycling through improved infrastructure and to raise awareness of the many efforts underway to make our streets safer for all road users. SAFE = Streets Are For Everyone! In addition to a needed focus on safety of pedestrians and cyclists as the most vulnerable road users; we also support walking and cycling to enhance health, reduce traffic congestion, promote economic development and improve the overall quality of life throughout our community.

The Engineering Bureau on Facebook (MontclairSAFE) and you can follow us on Twitter @MontclairSAFE.

South Park Street Improvement Work Begins March 26 PDF Print E-mail

South Park Street ImprovementsMontclair Township is breaking ground on South Park Street streetscape improvements this week, adding a new center median, wide pedestrian-friendly sidewalks, a midblock crosswalk and roadway resurfacing.

The new South Park Street will also feature some creative applications of materials. The new median will be constructed of granite blocks, most often used for curbs. Colorful new sidewalks will be made of concrete, and brick and granite pavers will be set in various patterns to create visual interest. Total construction time will be three months.

Download South Park Street improvements plan.

South Park Street Synthesis Plan PDF Print E-mail
Download South Park Street Synthesis Plan

Montclair Township hosted its second public meeting for the South Park Street re-design project Wednesday, January 12, at the Fire Department Headquarters, 1 Pine Street, Montclair. The meeting was the follow up to an open house held in November 2010, where residents were invited to review and comment on two design concepts developed by the design team of Smith Maran Architects and Arterial. The design team presented a new “Synthesis” plan, which they developed in light of feedback from the survey distributed to attendees at the open house and also made available online.

Results of the survey were reviewed at the meeting and can be downloaded here.

Streetscape Improvement Plans For South Park Street PDF Print E-mail

The Township of Montclair recently held a South Park Street open house to offer residents and business owners an opportunity to view and comment on alternatives for streetscape improvements for the area. The project drawings and other materials from the open house are available for download below. After you have read this information and viewed the concept designs, please take a few minutes to answer some survey questions. Go to South Park Street Plans Survey. DEADLINE FOR TAKING THE SURVEY IS MIDNIGHT SUNDAY, DECEMBER 5.

'Why Now?SMA_Park Street Plaza Plan_18x24.pdf

SMA_Park Street Plaza Sections_18x24.pdf

SMA_Park Street Promenade Plan_18x24.pdf

SMA_Park Street Promenade Sections_18x24.pdf

SMA_Park Street_Aerial Photograph.pdf

SMA_Park Street_EC Board_18x24.pdf

SMA_Park Street_EC Sketches_18x24.pdf

SMA_Park Street_FAQ Board_revised_18x24.pdf

SMA_Park Street_Mood Board A Promenade 3_18x24.pdf

SMA_Park Street_Mood Board B Plaza 3_18x24.pdf

SMA_Park Street_Project Timeline_18x24.pdf

Montclair Receives Bicycle Friendly Community Honors PDF Print E-mail

The League of American Bicyclists recently announced that the Township of Montclair is among 19 communities to receive Honorable Mention status as a Bicycle Friendly Community (BFC). The Township submitted an application earlier this year, seeking this designation as acknowledgment of the gains made in recent years to make Montclair more pedestrian and bicycle friendly. “Communities from all areas of the country, climates and populations see bicycling as an integral component of building livable communities. The Bicycle Friendly Community program is recognizing those leading the way,” said Andy Clarke, League President.

Stormwater Pollution PDF Print E-mail

The water from rain and melting snow that flows over lawns, parking lots and streets is known as stormwater. This water, called runoff, travels along gutters, into catch basins and through storm drain pipes and ditches, and eventually discharges, untreated, into our streams and rivers. Along the way, the runoff picks up trash (fast-food wrappers, cigarette butts, styrofoam cups, etc.) and toxins (used motor oil, antifreeze, fertilizers, pesticides, pet droppings, etc.). The transport of these pollutants into local water bodies can result in the destruction of fish, wildlife, and habitats; threats to public health due to contaminated food and drinking water supplies; and losses of recreational and aesthetic values.

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