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Montclair Township

Police Department



Contact the Police Department

Montclair Township Police Department
647 Bloomfield Avenue
Montclair, NJ 07042

David P. Sabagh, Police Chief

To report suspicious or criminal activity send an e-mail to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it please be as specific as possible including dates, times, description, type of activity etc. The MPD Email is NOT monitored 24 hours a day.

Mission Statement of the Montclair Police Department

It is the mission of the Montclair Police Department to provide professional police service to the community by adhering to the values of respect, accountability and integrity.

Police Blotter for 02-24-2015 PDF Print E-mail

Montclair Police Blotter


02-23-2015 (Talbot Street) Mr. John Martinez, 45yoa from Montclair, arrested for a $500 warrant out of this jurisdiction.

02-23-2015 (Pathmark, Lackawanna Plaza) Mr. Bobby Williams, 41yoa from Irvington, was arrested for shoplifting. Mr. Williams stole $53 in hygiene items and fled on foot. Officers arrested him after a short foot pursuit. Mr. Williams was charged with Shoplifting and Obstruction. He was also charged with criminal mischief for damaging a fence during his attempt to flee from officers.


02-17-2015 (Hoburg Place) Burst pipe caused damage to kitchen area and basement.

02-17-2015 (Highland Avenue) Burst pipe caused minor damage to a home.

02-19-2015 (Rydal Place) A Dodge Journey had its front driver side window smashed sometime during the night.

02-19-2015 (North Fullerton Avenue) Burst pipe caused extensive damage to a 2nd floor apartment.

02-21-2015 (Mission Street) Burst pipes caused flooding to the basement.

02-23-2015 (Valley Road) Vandalism to a Nissan Altima, which was parked in Kings Supermarket parking lot. An unknown party keyed the side of this vehicle, causing approximately $700 in damage.


02-17-2015 (Montclair Public Library, 50 S. Fullerton) Theft of a High School ring from a jacket pocket. Mr. Raymond Marshall, 52yoa from Newark, was later arrested and charged with theft.

02-20-2015 (Forest Street) Theft of a package containing an Apple Macbook Pro valued at $1953.

D/Lt. David O’Dowd

MPD Arrest Suspect in Knife Assault PDF Print E-mail

Monday, February 23, 2015

Montclair Police were advised on Sunday, February 22 that a stabbing victim who was brought to a Denville hospital said he had been assaulted in Montclair.

Montclair Detectives responded and interviewed the victim, a 22-year-old man from Hopatcong. The victim stated that he was delivering electronic items advertised on Craigslist to a prospective buyer. They arranged to meet in the parking Lot of TD Bank, located at 233 Bloomfield Avenue, Montclair.

MPD Seeks Domestic Violence Response Team Volunteers PDF Print E-mail

Montclair Police Department PatchThe Montclair Police Department is seeking volunteers for its Domestic Violence Response Team (DVRT). The DVRT is a group of volunteers trained to assist victims of domestic violence. DVRT volunteers offer emergency support, alternatives, and referrals to victims of domestic violence.

The DVRT program was state mandated in 2000 with the knowledge that victims of domestic violence are often isolated and trapped in abusive relationships. Studies demonstrate that victims of domestic violence are three times more likely to return to their abusers if they are provided with little or no support. Police officers provide protection to victims of domestic violence by arresting and processing the batterer, while volunteers help the victim to feel less isolated and alone. DVRT volunteers respond to the police department to provide emotional support, information on domestic violence, community resources and a safety plan.

Police Blotter for 02-17-15 PDF Print E-mail

Montclair Police Blotter


02-09-2015 – (Christopher Street) Theft from two vehicles parked in a driveway. A Mazda CX5 and a Mini Cooper, which were both unlocked. Taken was approximately $10 in change.

02-10-2015 – (Llewelyn Road) Theft of a BMW 528 from an open garage. The vehicle in question was warming up with the garage door open. Inside the vehicle was a purse containing $30. This vehicle was later recovered on 02-13-2015, unoccupied, in West Orange.

02-11-2015 – (Montclair Post Office, 125 Glenridge Avenue) Theft from a motor vehicle. The vehicle, a Nissan Altima had a smashed front passenger window. Taken was a Metro PCS cell phone, a portable receipt scanner, and a purse containing $180 in cash.

02-13-2015 – (Carolin Road) Theft of a black Volkswagen Jetta wagon from a driveway overnight.

02-13-2015 – (Fresco Restaurant, 15 Church Street) A wallet, which was left unattended in a bathroom stall was stolen. This wallet contained $85 in cash and some credit cards.

02-14-2015 - (Notting Hill Way) Theft of a diamond ring, valued at $1,600, from a bedroom.

02-15-2015 – (Glenridge Avenue) Theft of items from a Nissan Juke. This vehicle had its front driver-side window smashed in the incident. Taken was a Beltronics Radar Detector valued at $500.

02-16-2015 (Gates Avenue) Theft from a BMW 535 parked on Gates Avenue. Stolen was a Sony Vaio laptop ($2,800) and a silver apple iPod ($120)


02-11-2015 (Valley Road) Theft of tools from a storefront, which is under construction. Taken in this incident was a yellow Dewalt brand Sliding-Arm Compound Miter Saw, valued at $1000. There was damage to the front entrance door.


02-16-2015 (Gates Avenue) A residential furnace set on fire in a basement. MFD responded and extinguished the blaze with minimal damage. The home was evacuated prior to their arrival.

02-16-2015 (South Fullerton) Burst pipes in a residential kitchen caused flooding in the basement. MFD responded to assist.

D/Lt. David O’Dowd

Police Blotter for 02-10-2015 PDF Print E-mail

Montclair Police Department
Blotter 02-10-2015


02-08-2015 (Noches De Columbia, 19 Elm Street) Ms. Suzette Rivera (31yoa from Newark), was arrested for the theft of an employee’s unattended cell phone at the Noches De Columbia Restaurant.


02-04-2015 (30 North Fullerton, Immaculate Church) Theft of a Roland brand portable stereo amplifier. No forced entry.


02-03-2015 (Sylvan place) Theft of tools from a work van. A side windo
w was smashed to gain entry. Approximately $1000 in tools stolen.

02-03-2015 (Walnut Street) Theft from a motor vehicle. Reported stolen was a Garmin GPS Unit and $80 in cash. No damage to the vehicle.

02-03-2015 (High Street) Package stolen from a front porch. The package contained a Samsung Galaxy tablet and a Samsung galaxy cellular telephone.

02-04-2015 (Glenridge Avenue) Theft of UPS packages. Total value $161.

02-04-2015 (YMCA, 25 Park Street) iPhone 5s stolen from a backpack in the weight room.

02-05-2015 (North. Fullerton) Theft of a package from front door of an apartment building. The package contained a fur coat valued at $199.

02-05-2015 (Sherman Street) Theft of a package from front door of an apartment building. The package contained coffee valued at $72. Officers observed damage to the front door of the apartment building.

02-06-2015 (Watchung Train Station) Theft of train station keys from Fire Department Knox-Box on south side of the station building.

02-06-2015 (Dunkin Donuts, 596 Bloomfield Avenue) Approximately $6 in cash stolen from the employee tip jar which was located on the counter near the front register.

02-07-2015 (NYSC, 50 S. Park Street) A Tissot brand PRC200 men’s wristwatch valued at $300 was stolen from an unsecured locker in the men’s locker room.

D/Lt. David O’Dowd

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