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Montclair Township

Police Department



Contact the Police Department

Montclair Township Police Department
647 Bloomfield Avenue
Montclair, NJ 07042

David P. Sabagh, Police Chief

To report suspicious or criminal activity send an e-mail to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it please be as specific as possible including dates, times, description, type of activity etc. The MPD Email is NOT monitored 24 hours a day.

Mission Statement of the Montclair Police Department

It is the mission of the Montclair Police Department to provide professional police service to the community by adhering to the values of respect, accountability and integrity.

Police Blotter for 02-17-15 PDF Print E-mail

Montclair Police Blotter


02-09-2015 – (Christopher Street) Theft from two vehicles parked in a driveway. A Mazda CX5 and a Mini Cooper, which were both unlocked. Taken was approximately $10 in change.

02-10-2015 – (Llewelyn Road) Theft of a BMW 528 from an open garage. The vehicle in question was warming up with the garage door open. Inside the vehicle was a purse containing $30. This vehicle was later recovered on 02-13-2015, unoccupied, in West Orange.

02-11-2015 – (Montclair Post Office, 125 Glenridge Avenue) Theft from a motor vehicle. The vehicle, a Nissan Altima had a smashed front passenger window. Taken was a Metro PCS cell phone, a portable receipt scanner, and a purse containing $180 in cash.

02-13-2015 – (Carolin Road) Theft of a black Volkswagen Jetta wagon from a driveway overnight.

02-13-2015 – (Fresco Restaurant, 15 Church Street) A wallet, which was left unattended in a bathroom stall was stolen. This wallet contained $85 in cash and some credit cards.

02-14-2015 - (Notting Hill Way) Theft of a diamond ring, valued at $1,600, from a bedroom.

02-15-2015 – (Glenridge Avenue) Theft of items from a Nissan Juke. This vehicle had its front driver-side window smashed in the incident. Taken was a Beltronics Radar Detector valued at $500.

02-16-2015 (Gates Avenue) Theft from a BMW 535 parked on Gates Avenue. Stolen was a Sony Vaio laptop ($2,800) and a silver apple iPod ($120)


02-11-2015 (Valley Road) Theft of tools from a storefront, which is under construction. Taken in this incident was a yellow Dewalt brand Sliding-Arm Compound Miter Saw, valued at $1000. There was damage to the front entrance door.


02-16-2015 (Gates Avenue) A residential furnace set on fire in a basement. MFD responded and extinguished the blaze with minimal damage. The home was evacuated prior to their arrival.

02-16-2015 (South Fullerton) Burst pipes in a residential kitchen caused flooding in the basement. MFD responded to assist.

D/Lt. David O’Dowd

Police Blotter for 02-10-2015 PDF Print E-mail

Montclair Police Department
Blotter 02-10-2015


02-08-2015 (Noches De Columbia, 19 Elm Street) Ms. Suzette Rivera (31yoa from Newark), was arrested for the theft of an employee’s unattended cell phone at the Noches De Columbia Restaurant.


02-04-2015 (30 North Fullerton, Immaculate Church) Theft of a Roland brand portable stereo amplifier. No forced entry.


02-03-2015 (Sylvan place) Theft of tools from a work van. A side windo
w was smashed to gain entry. Approximately $1000 in tools stolen.

02-03-2015 (Walnut Street) Theft from a motor vehicle. Reported stolen was a Garmin GPS Unit and $80 in cash. No damage to the vehicle.

02-03-2015 (High Street) Package stolen from a front porch. The package contained a Samsung Galaxy tablet and a Samsung galaxy cellular telephone.

02-04-2015 (Glenridge Avenue) Theft of UPS packages. Total value $161.

02-04-2015 (YMCA, 25 Park Street) iPhone 5s stolen from a backpack in the weight room.

02-05-2015 (North. Fullerton) Theft of a package from front door of an apartment building. The package contained a fur coat valued at $199.

02-05-2015 (Sherman Street) Theft of a package from front door of an apartment building. The package contained coffee valued at $72. Officers observed damage to the front door of the apartment building.

02-06-2015 (Watchung Train Station) Theft of train station keys from Fire Department Knox-Box on south side of the station building.

02-06-2015 (Dunkin Donuts, 596 Bloomfield Avenue) Approximately $6 in cash stolen from the employee tip jar which was located on the counter near the front register.

02-07-2015 (NYSC, 50 S. Park Street) A Tissot brand PRC200 men’s wristwatch valued at $300 was stolen from an unsecured locker in the men’s locker room.

D/Lt. David O’Dowd

Police Blotter for 02-03-2015 PDF Print E-mail

Montclair Police Department
Blotter 02-03-2015


01-29-2015 (Pine Street) Mr. Justin Davis, 19yoa from Montclair, was arrested on an open warrant out of South Orange for $500.

02-01-2015 (Bloomfield Avenue at Valley Road) Mr. Franklin Maytidu, 43yoa from Montclair, was arrested on an open Montclair warrant for $469.


01-30-2015 (Forest Street) A 19yoa Newark male was the victim of an armed robbery with a handgun. Through investigation, the suspect, a 17yoa Montclair male was located and arrested. He was charged with robbery and weapons offenses. No weapon was recovered at the time of arrest. The actor had demanded cash from the victim, but did not receive any. No injuries were reported.


01-28-2015 (Glenridge Avenue) Rock thrown through window of vacant home.


01-31-2015 (Gates Avenue) 15 articles of clothing stolen from apartment building storage locker.


02-02-2015 (CVS Pharmacy, 514 Bloomfield Avenue) Shoplifting of various hygiene items. Suspect described as a white male, 6’ in height, medium build, wearing a NY Yankees hat. He fled the scene in a red GMC SUV.

02-03-2015 (Elmwood Avenue) Vehicle, left running, was stolen from the driveway of a residence. The vehicle is described as a 2002 tan Honda Odyssey.

Police Blotter for 01-27-2015 PDF Print E-mail

Montclair Police Department
Blotter 01-27-2015


01-20-2015 (Pathmark, Lackawanna Plaza) Troy L. Johnson, 46yoa from Irvington, arrested for shoplifting. Recovered proceeds were $30 in hygiene products.

01-25-2015 (Cedar Avenue at High Street) Mr. Jerson Guardado, 20yoa from West Orange was arrested and charged with DWI.


01-21-2015 (Pine Street) Basement burglary. Acer Aspire laptop taken.

01-23-2015 (Ardsley Rd) Burglary to residence. The victim reported that at approximately 10:00 am she heard footsteps downstairs on the first floor. The victim yelled out “who is downstairs?” The victim went downstairs to investigate the noise and subsequently observed an individual running east on Ardsley Rd from her house. Further investigation by the responding Officers determined that the suspect entered the home by prying open the back door. No items were reported missing at this time. No further suspect description.

01-23-2015 (Montclair Ave) Burglary to residence. Suspect(s) forcibly entered the home by breaking the home’s front door glass. Electronics and jewelry were stolen.

01-23-2015 (Essex Ave) Burglary to residence. Suspect(s) gained entry via the home’s rear door which was found to be damaged. Numerous items of jewelry were stolen.


01-21-2015 (Grove Street) Theft from an unlocked motor vehicle. Gray backpack and wallet taken.

01-22-2015 (Quick Check, 146 Valley Road) A female grabbed a large amount of candy bars and baked goods, fleeing in a beige Toyota Camry. The suspect is described as a white female, mid-30’s, thin build, wearing a black jacket.

01-24-2015 (Pine Street) Theft of $194 in liquor from an unlocked, parked vehicle.


01-21-2015 (Church Street) Acura TL with fire in engine compartment. Extinguished by MFD. No injuries reported. MFD is investigating.

01-20-2015 GreenDot prepaid card scam. Caller claiming to be from IRS requested $500 be placed on a GreenDot Card. The victim supplied the caller with the redemption code. The caller then requested another GreenDot card be purchased. At this time the cashier at Pathmark, Lackawanna Plaza, became suspicious and alerted MPD.

01-22-2015 (Rydal Place) vandalism to a motor vehicle. Dodge Caravan with side window smashed. Nothing reported stolen in this incident.

01-25-2015 @ 10:30 pm (South Willow St) A 35 YOA Montclair resident reported that he that he was assaulted by two black males (no further description) while walking home. The victim was punched in the face by the suspects, which resulted in minor lacerations to his face.

01-24-2015 (Upper Mountain Avenue) Utility Box Truck with fire in engine compartment. Extinguished by MFD. No injuries reported. MFD is investigating.

D/Lt. David O’Dowd

Notice from the Montclair Police Department PDF Print E-mail

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

At 9:30 a.m. this morning a robbery took place at Bank of America, 441 Bloomfield Avenue. The suspect entered the bank and handed a hand-written note to the bank teller. The note stated that he was in possession of a gun, and would shoot the teller if they did not hand over money. The teller emptied the drawer into a bag supplied by the suspect. The suspect then walked out of the bank, eastbound on Bloomfield Avenue.

Patrol units responded to the area and stopped all vehicular traffic eastbound at Elm Street. They then boarded two NJ Transit buses and interviewed passengers until finally locating the suspect. He was found in possession of a bag containing almost $10,000 in cash.

The suspect, Eric Tyler (22 years of age, from Elizabeth) was placed under arrest and charged with armed robbery and terroristic threats. No weapon was recovered in this incident.

The FBI responded to the scene to assist.

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