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Montclair Township

Police Department



Contact the Police Department

Montclair Township Police Department
647 Bloomfield Avenue
Montclair, NJ 07042

David P. Sabagh, Police Chief

To report suspicious or criminal activity send an e-mail to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it please be as specific as possible including dates, times, description, type of activity etc. The MPD Email is NOT monitored 24 hours a day.

Mission Statement of the Montclair Police Department

It is the mission of the Montclair Police Department to provide professional police service to the community by adhering to the values of respect, accountability and integrity.

Police Blotter for 05-12-2015 PDF Print E-mail

Montclair Police Department
Blotter 05-12-2015


05-04-2015 – (Upper Mountain Avenue) Theft of a blue Toyota Highlander from a driveway. The keys had been left inside the vehicle. This vehicle was soon located by MPD in a driveway further north on Upper Mountain Avenue. A vehicle in that driveway had also been rummaged through.

05-04-2015 – (Upper Mountain Avenue) An Acura MDX and a BMW 328 were both stolen from the same residence. The keys had been left inside both vehicles.

05-04-2015 – (Upper Mountain Avenue) A wallet was stolen from an unlocked Jeep Grand Cherokee parked in the driveway of the residence.

05-04-2015 – (Upper Mountain Avenue) An Infinity QX5 was entered and rummaged through. This vehicle had been left unlocked.

05-04-2015 – (Highland Avenue) Two vehicles were entered and rummaged through in the driveway of a residence. Loose change was taken.

05-04-2015 – (Upper Mountain Avenue) Three vehicles were entered and rummaged through in a driveway. Loose change and an iPhone charger were taken.

05-05-2015 – (10 S. Park Street, South Moon Under) Shoplifting of earrings. Suspect is described as a white female, early 20’s, short brown hair, blue tank top.

05-09-2015 – (Irving Street) Two bicycles stolen from a yard shed. They are described as a blue Cannondale Bud Light mountain bike and a blue Trek youth mountain bike.


05-04-2015 – (Monroe Place) A second floor rear apartment door was damaged in an attempt to burglarize the residence.

05-08-2015 – (Mission Street) Theft of a lawnmower from a garage.

05-08-2015 – (Orange Road) Theft of building materials from a residence that is under construction.


05-04-2015 – (Mission Street) Fire in the engine compartment of a Toyota. MFD is investigating the cause.

05-05-2015 – (Label Street) A passerby observed a dog locked in a vehicle that appeared to be in distress. MPD and Animal Control responded and deemed the dog to be in an unsafe condition. The dog was taken to The Montclair Animal Shelter. MPD along with Animal Control are investigating.

D/Lt. David O’Dowd

Police Blotter for 05-05-2015 PDF Print E-mail

Montclair Police Department
Blotter 05-05-2015


04-28-2015 – (CVS Claremont Avenue) Ms. Norma Walker, 58yoa from Montclair, was arrested for attempting to steal laundry detergent. She threatened to harm store security in the commission of this shoplifting. She was charged with Robbery and also held on a $405 warrant out of Elizabeth.

04-29-2015 – (Orange Road) Officers responded to a report of a verbal dispute. One of the actors, Mr. Maurice Jenkins, 28yoa from East Orange, was found to have an open warrant. Mr. Jenkins resisted arrest and struck officers on scene. He was arrested for Disorderly Conduct, resisting arrest and aggravated assault on police. He is also being held on that $5,000 warrant out of Newark. One officer was injured in this incident.


04-26-2015 – (Bloomfield Avenue) a vehicle-towed line striper was stolen from a parking lot.

04-27-2015 – (Pine Street) An HP laptop was stolen from the trunk of a Honda Civic.

04-27-2015 – (Porter Place) Theft of a bicycle from a garden shed. The bicycle is described as a blue Specialized Hard Rock brand female mountain bike.

04-28-2015 – (CVS Claremont Avenue) Shoplifting of energy drinks. Suspect is a white male, 5’11” tall, wearing blue jeans and a white t-shirt.


04-25-2015 – (Berkley Place) Theft of four new car tires from a residential garage.

04-30-2015 – (Ward Place) A purple Giant brand women’s mountain bike was stolen from a garage. A panel of the garage door was kicked in to gain entry.

05-02-2015 – (Warren Place) Theft of three bicycles from a detached garage. They are described as a yellow Cannondale brand, a gray Fisher brand, and a blue Huffy brand.

05-02-2015 – (Hillside Avenue) Burglary to a residence. Entry was gained by forcing open a rear door. Unknown on proceeds.


04-30-2015 – (Wayside Place) A resident heard their front storm door open and found an unknown male standing in their foyer. The homeowner yelled at this subject to get out of the house. The male then asked for directions to another street and exited the premises. He is described as a black male, 20yoa, 5’10” in height, thin build, wearing a black hooded sweatshirt.
04-30-2015 – (Howe Avenue) Two tires slashed on a Ford Explorer parked in a residential driveway.

05-01-2015 – (Maple Avenue) a student believed that a male might have been following her in the area of the Glenfield School. He is described as a white male, mid-40’s, 5’9” in height, 195lbs.

D/Lt. David O’Dowd

Police Blotter for 04-28-2015 PDF Print E-mail

Montclair Police Department
Blotter 04-28-2015


04-20-2015 – (Plymouth Street) Residential burglary through an unlocked door. Cash and jewelry were taken.

04-22-2015 – (Mission Street) Burglary to a residence, which is under construction. A ladder and building materials were taken.

04-22-2015 – (High Street) Burglary to a garage. Numerous pieces of landscaping equipment were taken.

04-22-2015 – (Trinity Place) a snow blower was stolen from an apartment building storage area.


04-20-2015 - (Claremont Avenue CVS) Mr. Josh Liggins, 35yoa from Glen Ridge, was arrested for shoplifting diapers.

04-22-2015 – (Christopher Street) Mr. Anthony Martinelli, 51yoa from Newark, was arrested for stealing a bicycle from a driveway.

04-23-2015 – (Upper Mountain Avenue) Mr. David Flannery, 28yoa from Hoboken, was arrested for DWI.

04-23-2015 – (Valley Road, CVS Pharmacy) Mr. Timothy Riddick, 48yoa from Newark, was arrested for shoplifting hygiene products.


04-21-2015 – (20 Church Street, Rocklin Opticians) Theft of two pairs of sunglasses valued at $1400. Suspect is described as a black female, 40-45yoa, 5’6” in height.

04-22-2015 – (Trinity Place) Theft of a cell phone from an unlocked Subaru Forester.

04-24-2015 – (Elm Street) The car stereo from an Acura Integra was stolen. No other damage to the vehicle.

04-25-2015 – (Bellevue Parking Lot) The spare tire was stolen from the rear tailgate mount of a Honda CRV.


 04-22-2015 – (Stephen Street) A large tree limb fell on a Mercedes Benz in a storm, smashing out the back window.

04-22-2015 – (Watchung School) MPD and MFD responded to a fire on the playground equipment. Minor damage reported. MFD is investigating.

D/Lt. David O’Dowd

Five Police Probationary Officers Sworn In PDF Print E-mail

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Officers Corey Graves, Steven Mateo, Shawn McMackin, Brian Klukowicz and David Osborne, Jr. were sworn in on Monday as Montclair Police Department probationary officers by Municipal Clerk Linda Wanat in township Council Chambers.

MPD probationary officers sworn in, Chief and Deputy Chief of Police
L-R:  Steven Mateo, Corey Graves, David Osborne, Chief David Sabagh,
Deputy Chief Todd Conforti, Shawn McMackin, Brian Klukowicz

Police Blotter for 04-21-2015 PDF Print E-mail

Montclair Police Department
Blotter 04-21-2015


04-15-2015 – (1 Lackawanna Plaza, Pathmark Supermarket) Mr. Jamison Evans, 45yoa from Newark, was arrested for shoplifting $144.93 of baby formula.

04-15-2015 – (470 Bloomfield Ave, Anthropologie) Ms. Nuria Perez, 23yoa from Newark, was arrested for shoplifting $340 in clothing items.

04-17-2015 – (Windsor Place) Mr. Dorian Dewees, 44yoa from West Virginia, was arrested for open warrants out of Fort Lee and West Orange, totaling $1055.


04-14-2015 – (Valley Road, A&P Supermarket) Shoplifting of $80 in toilet paper. Suspect is white male, large build, wearing a black baseball cap with white writing.

04-14-2015 – (Park Street YMCA) Theft of an Apple iPhone 5s from the teen center.

04-15-2015 – (Rosedale Avenue) Theft of a green Nissan Maxima from a driveway. It appears that the vehicle window was smashed during this theft.

04-17-2015 – (Bellaire Drive) Theft from a motor vehicle. A 2006 Infinity was entered in a driveway. The driver side door lock was broken in the incident. Unknown on proceeds.

04-15-2015 – (Montclair Public Library) The library van was discovered to have been rummaged through. Unknown if anything was taken.


04-14-2015 – (Bellevue Parking Lot) Graffiti spray painted on buildings.

04-17-2015 – (Grove Street) Grease fire in a kitchen caused a heavy smoke condition. Some damage occurred to the kitchen while extinguishing the fire.

D/Lt. David O’Dowd

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