Residential / Housing / Rental

Montclair Code Enforcement would like to remind residential property owners of several common issues and their applicable ordinance for reference.

Grass and Vegetation

Owners or tenants must ensure properties are well maintained and are free of trash or debris, and that hedges, bushes, trees and other plant life are not overgrown or create sight triangle visibility issues. See Chapters 100 and 190-17G.

Refuse, Recycling and Bulky Waste

The Department of Community Services manages the collections of all residential refuse, recycling and bulky waste. See Community Services/Public Works section.

All residents are reminded that items for collections shall not be placed out before 6:00 p.m. the night before the appropriate scheduled day.

Containers should be no more that 35 gallons in capacity, nor weigh more that 50 pounds each when full. Containers should also have a means of a secure lid that will prevent winds from distributing the contents throughout the area, as well as animals from entering.


Any multiple family dwelling (3 or more families, non-owner occupied) offered for rent must undergo a habitability inspection to ensure the safety and well-being of the occupants. This inspection must be scheduled with our Office prior to a new tenant moving in. Please call for arrangements and information.