Parks and Park Facilities


Parks are closed to the public between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. except with a permit. Carey's Woods in Nishuane Park, Mountainside Park Nature Trail Center, and Alonzo Bonsai Wildlife Preserve close at sundown.

  • A permit must be obtained for any organized activity in the parks. Contact the Department of Recreation and Cultural Affairs at 973-509-4915.
  • Cooking is not permitted in township parks.
  • Glass containers are not permitted in parks - they may not be carried or used.
  • Alcoholic beverages are prohibited.

Permit Forms

Park and Facility Permit(PDF, 122KB)

Special Event Permit(PDF, 250KB)

Please fill out request and email to Recreation office  
Permit request are not valid without Recreation approval

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Montclair Parks

Montclair has approximately 175 acres of parks, offering something for everyone.

Park Acres Facilities Activities
Alonzo F. Bonsal Wildlife Preserve, Riverview Drive 19.68 Nature trails Hiking, passive recreation, bird watching
Bird Sanctuary, Highland Avenue, above Mountainside Park 3.45 Wooded natural area Bird watching.
Canterbury, Canterbury Drive and Planschet Drive 8.22 Tennis court, basketball court, bikeways, coasting hill, children's playground, walking track Bikeway, playground, tennis, pick-up basketball, walking path
Christopher, Label and Christopher Streets 1.55 Open space None
Crane, Lackawanna Plaza, Bloomfield Avenue .31 Gardens, benches Passive recreation
Edgemont, Valley Road 15.5 2 softball diamonds, pond, shelter house with rest rooms and kitchen, children 's playground, bikeways and footpaths baseball, softball, ice skating, playground, walking path (4/10 mi distance) Baseball, softball, band concerts, Fourth of July festivities, ice skating, playground, walking, holiday memorial services
Essex, Chestnut Street and Essex Avenue 9.9 Indoor arena, swimming pool, children's playground, restrooms, coasting hill Ice skating, swimming, day camp, playground, special events
Graz, Claremont and Bloomfield Avenues .57 Benches, gardens, footpaths Lounging, walking
George Washington Field, Baldwin Street and Glenridge Avenue 2.38 Softball field Softball, baseball
Kaveney Field, Grove and Walnut Streets 2.2 Softball field with lights, patio, restrooms Softball and Junior baseball, lounging
Mountainside, Upper Mountain Avenue 33.19 7 tennis courts, nature traiI, basketball court, softball diamond, coasting area, swimming pool, children's playground, rest rooms, Iris Gardens, athletic field. Swimming, tennis, baseball, softball, soccer, coasting, playground, basketball, Iris Gardens show, hiking, bird watching.
Nishuane, Cedar Avenue between High Street and Harrison Avenue 17.66 6 tennis courts, softball diamond, baseball diamond, football field, nature area, 2.5 basketball courts, swimming pool, rest rooms, coasting area, children's playground, parking lot, footpaths, outdoor stage. Swimming, tennis, basketball, softball, baseball, football, soccer, coasting, playground, band concerts, hiking, bird watching.
Porter, Orange Road and Harrison Avenue 2.25 Benches, footpaths, gardens. Lounging, walking, passive recreation.
Rand, North Fullerton Avenue and Chestnut Street 4.18 4 tennis courts, basketball court, parking lot, restrooms, children's playground. Tennis, basketball, playground.
Sunset, Norwood Avenue and Sunset Park .63 Gardens, benches. Passive recreation.
Tuers, Stonehenge Road 8.14 Softball diamond, basketball court, children's playground, bikeways. Playground, softball, basketball, baseball.
Watchung, Watchung and Midland Avenues 1.10 Benches, footpaths Lounging, walking, passive recreation.
Yantacaw, Club Road 11.51 Bikeways, footpaths, pond. Bikeways, ice skating, coasting, passive recreation, walking.

Essex County Parks

Park Acres Facilities Activities
Anderson, Bellevue and North Mountain Avenues 14.4 Athletic field, footpaths Soccer, lacrosse, football, field hockey, special events
Brookdale, Grove Street, Bellevue Avenue, Watchung Avenue 42.74 4 softball diamonds, exercise trail,
running tracks, athletic fields, children's playground, blacktop game area.
College and high school sports (softball, baseball, soccer and football, track and field), concerts.
Eagle Rock Reservation, Eagle Rock Avenue 408.34 September 11 Memorial, Nature trails, scenic observation deck, softball field, restrooms, cooking and picnic area, parking lots. Picnicking, nature walks, softball field, bird watching.
Glenfield park, Maple Avenue 19.0 2 basketball courts, 3 tennis courts, 2 softball diamonds, community center with game rooms, meeting rooms, craft rooms, kitchen, and restrooms, 2 children's playgrounds, footpath, nature trail. Grass Roots program,
Mills Reservation, Normal Avenue 143.08 Nature trails Hiking