$20,000 Mars Petcare Grant Boosts Montclair Animal Shelter’s Seniors

Published on February 02, 2024


$20,000 Mars Petcare Grant Boosts Montclair Animal Shelter’s Seniors' Access to Foster and Adopt Pets


MONTCLAIR, N.J. — Montclair Seniors are set to experience an enhanced quality of life through a generous $20,000 grant from Mars Petcare, supporting a pet adoption/foster program. This initiative, a collaboration between Montclair Animal Shelter, the Department of Senior Services, and Humane Montclair, aims to match senior residents with senior dogs or cats, covering animal care expenses for eligible participants.


Michael Lapolla, Interim Town Manager, expresses gratitude, stating, "We appreciate the generosity of Mars Pet Care, our corporate partner, and the unique opportunity this brings to our town to increase the quality of life for seniors and pets in Montclair."


The Seniors & Pets Healthy Living Program is designed to provide health benefits for seniors, including increased physical activity, socialization, and reduced feelings of isolation. Judy Hurley, Director of Senior Services at Lifelong Montclair, emphasizes the positive impact: "Facilitating a senior connection with pets is a quality-of-life win-win for both people and the pets we will be able to rehome."


The grant, awarded as part of the Better Cities for Pets program by Mars Petcare, aligns with this year's theme, "Keeping People and Pets Together." The program will be executed in collaboration with local community stakeholders and is expected to roll out during 2024.


Annette Batson, founder of Humane Montclair, lauds the initiative, saying, "This is a wonderful opportunity to put compassion in action for the people and pets in our community." Humane Montclair advocates for animal welfare and its intersection with public health, the environment, climate change, and lifestyle choices.


The Better Cities for Pets program by Mars Petcare, in collaboration with city planning and animal welfare experts, has certified over 100 cities and awarded nearly half a million dollars in grants to support pet-friendly initiatives. Learn more at BetterCitiesForPets.com.


For those interested in volunteering or participating in the foster/adoption program, please contact Elizabeth Bibber-Morgan, Animal Shelter Director at Phone: 973-744-8600.


About Mars Petcare: Mars Petcare, part of Mars, Incorporated, with over 85 years of experience, serves the health and nutrition needs of pets worldwide. Their portfolio includes well-known brands such as PEDIGREE®, WHISKAS®, ROYAL CANIN®, and more. Mars Petcare is also a leading veterinary health provider, actively involved in innovation and technology for pets.


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