Historic Design Guidelines

The Historic Design Guidelines detail design standards for Montclair’s locally landmarked properties and locally landmarked historic districts.  The purpose of the guidelines is to provide clear and uniform recommendations that preserve the essential character of historic resources throughout Montclair.  The guidelines provide detailed information for property owners, tenants and developers to address common rehabilitation questions, recommendations for maintaining the site and setting of historic properties, and guidance for new construction.  

Montclair’s Historic Design Guidelines are founded in the general concepts of The Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties.

Another resource for historic building owners which contains beneficial and practical information is provided in NJS Preservation Briefs.

Residential Historic  Design Guidelines

The Township has solicited the services of historic preservation consultant Stephen Tilly, Architect, to prepare design guidelines for residential buildings in Montclair's Historic Districts. Once adopted, this document, currently in draft form, will be used by the Historic Preservation Commission to assess the appropriateness of proposals for Certificates of Appropriateness.

Link to Draft Residential Historic Design Guidelines