Advertisement for Bid 18-05: 2018 Spring Tree Planting


Sealed bids will be received by the Township of Montclair in the Township Clerk’s Office, 1st floor of the Municipal Building, 205 Claremont Avenue, Montclair. Bids will be received until 3:15 p.m. on Wednesday, April 4, 2018, at which time they will be publicly opened and read in the Council Chambers, 1st floor of the Municipal Building.

Specifications and Bidder’s Forms, which all bidders are required to use in submitting their bids, may be obtained from the Purchasing Department at the Montclair Municipal Building located at 205 Claremont Avenue on the 3rd floor. Any bid not submitted on such forms may be rejected.

Bids must be enclosed in a sealed envelope with the outside identified with the bidder’s name and address and addressed to the “Township Clerk” identifying the bid as - Bid #18-05 “2018 Spring Tree Planting.”

Bidders are required to comply with the requirements of N.J.S.A. 10:5-31 et seq. and N.J.A.C. 17:27. Each bidder shall provide a Certified Check or Cashier’s Check or Bid Bond for ten percent (10%) of the bid but not to exceed $20,000 to insure the signing of the contract by the successful bidder within ten (10) days after the award shall be made.

The Township of Montclair reserves the right to consider bids for sixty (60) days after their receipt and the right is reserved to waive any informalities, to accept a bid which is deemed most favorable to the interest of the Township, to make an award on each item separately or as a whole, and to accept any bid or to reject any or all of them in accordance with the specifications and the bidder’s forms.

By order of the Council of the Township of Montclair.

Linda S. Wanat, Township Clerk