Prepare & File an Application

All Applications for a Certificate of Appropriateness must include a properly completed application form which contains the following information:
  • Property information, including the zone of the property and block/lot.
  • Applicant and owner information.
  • Application fee and escrow fee (if required), paid to the Township of Montclair.
  • Applicant's verification signature and owner's authorization signature.
  • Photographs showing the existing condition of the entire building façade.
  • Close-up photographs showing details of the area of work.

In addition to the completed application form, additional information is required, depending on the type of application.  See the below list to view additional submission requirements, by application type:

Signage & Awning

  • Photomontage with the sign or awning drawn or photo-manipulated/photoshopped in the exact location proposed
  • Proposed sign material noted (i.e., wood, acrylic, PVC) or awning fabric sample and measured drawings showing the height and width dimensions of the proposed sign or awning
  • Section drawing showing the side view and projection of the proposed sign or awning from the building facade and the method of installation of the sign or awning onto the storefront or sign band. Note the storefront material. (For brick buildings, signs should be attached in the mortar.)
  • Dimensions and size calculations of proposed signage for zoning compliance.

Lighting Installation

  • Detail photographs of the area of attachment.
  • Manufacturer's information/cut sheets of the type of fixture to be used.
  • Photomontage of proposed lighting, showing where it attaches to the building.
  • Details showing dimensions of proposed light fixtures, including the distance the lights will project from the facade, height above the street or sidewalk, any supports or framing, the location of electrical conduits, and how the light fixtures will be mounted to the exterior wall

Window Installation

  • Photographs of each existing window to be altered.
  • Note if the replacement proposed is of the entire window frame or sash only.
  • Photo or drawing showing as-built/existing windows to be replaced, including a cross-section of existing windows as-built, showing head, jamb and sill.
  • Details showing proposed windows, including a cross-section of proposed windows showing head, jamb and sill (manufacturer's cut sheets are fine if they show dimensions)
  • Documentation about the original windows, photographs or typical windows for the historic period (if available and only necessary if the existing are not historic windows).
  • Conditions statement describing the type and extent of deterioration justifying the window removal.

Storefronts, Facade Alternations/Restorations or New Construction/Additions

  • Existing site plan or detailed survey drawing.
  • Proposed site plan with color graphics to differentiate new from existing.
  • Photographs of the existing structure, with "detail" photos of the specific facades and architectural features (doors, windows, railings, siding, roofing, paving, etc.) that are to be altered or repaired. If the proposed project is within any historic district, applicants must include photographs of adjacent structures and the existing streetscape taken from across the street.
  • Existing exterior elevation drawings.
  • A complete set of working drawings for the proposed project and, in the case of an addition, elevation drawings that show the proposed addition together with the existing structure; scaled construction drawings showing proposed alterations of the relevant facade(s) and architectural features. If the proposed project is located within an historic district, applicants must include a streetscape elevation and color rendering showing the new development in the context of neighboring buildings, structures, and sites. Three-dimensional models are optional.
  • Photomontage, renderings, and color elevation drawings of the proposed facade(s).
  • Descriptions of the materials, size, and spacing of architectural features that are to be altered or repaired, their present condition, and the reasons for their proposed alteration or repair.
  • Detailed specifications, cut sheets, manufacturer's product information, and mock-up boards for all proposed exterior materials and color palettes, including dimensions, compositions, application methods, and recommended uses. Samples of the proposed materials may be required.
  • Specifications, cut sheets, and manufacturer's product information for all exterior lighting proposed.
  • Specifications for any proposed masonry patching, brick repointing, mortar analysis, brick replacement, and facade cleaning.
  • Specifications, cut sheets, and manufacturer's product information for any proposed exterior coatings, waterproofing measures, or chemical solutions to be applied.
  • Scaffolding drawings (if applicable).

Relocation of a Structure

  • Photographs of the existing structure and adjacent buildings and the proposed relocation site and its adjacent buildings.
  • Statement of the need/purposes for the proposed relocation and any alternatives to relocation that were considered by the applicant.
  • Estimated damage to the structure or loss of any of its architectural elements that may result from the proposed relocation. (If any alterations are proposed to the structure after relocation, the applicant must meet the requirements of the sections above.)
  • Description of the relocation process and time frame, including moving the building intact, numbering and disassembling, and storage security before reassembly.
  • Site plan for the existing structure, as well as the site plan for the structure on the proposed relocation site.

Demolition of a Structure

  • Total demolition of a structure that is a) located within a local landmark district, b) an individually designated local landmark, or c) a surveyed property within a Potential Historic District, must receive approval from the Historic Preservation Commission pursuant to Montclair Code §347-142.1. See the Township’s Historic Inventory interactive map to determine whether a property falls into one of these categories.
    The application form can be downloaded at this link. Please note the submission requirements as outlined below and on the application form.
  • Complete photography record of all exterior elevations, interior spaces, and important details of all existing structures and any adjacent properties.
  • Statement of the need/purposes for the proposed demolition.
  • In any instance where there is a claim of no other alternative to demolition, the applicant shall provide written documentation of good-faith attempts to sell the building at a reasonable and comparable amount or to offer it without charge to purchasers willing to move the building to another location and preserve, rehabilitate, relocate, or restore the building. A reasonable and comparable sales price shall be indicated by providing evidence such as recent appraisals, comparable values of properties similar to the building proposed to be demolished or other evidence the HPC deems acceptable.
  • Written and pictorial record of the building's history and architectural features for archival purposes, including, without limitation, the dates of original construction of the building or structure to be demolished; original documents, maps, drawings, and photographs; the square footage or dimensions of the building or structure to be demolished; a brief description of the materials, configuration and use of the existing building or structure; significant events and occupants associated with the history of the building or property; architectural features; and a description of the building through photographs, plans, and maps.
  • Archaeological study of the property before and/or during demolition if the property falls within the area demonstrated to have a medium or high probability to contain archaeological resources.
  • Preservation or salvage of architectural elements and photographic documentation. The Planning Office will provide applicants with local service directories of centers.