PB Meeting Minutes 06-24-19

Call to Order

Vice Chair Brodock called the meeting to order at 7:40 pm and announced that the meeting has been properly noticed in accordance with the Open Public Meetings Act and that the meeting is being recorded and can be viewed on the Township website or on Channel 34. 

Roll Call

Vice Chair Brodock, Councilor Schlager, Mr. Schwartz, Ms. Willis, Mr. Rooney, Mr. Ianuale, Ms. Loughman, Mr. Barr and Mr. Gilmer were present.   Board Attorney Arthur Neiss, Board Engineer Joseph Vuich and Planning Director Janice Talley were also present.  Chair Wynn and Mr. Cook were excused.


A motion to approve the minutes from the June 10, 2019 meeting as amended was made by Ms. Loughman, seconded by Vice Chair Brodock and approved unanimously with Mr. Barr abstaining.

Vice Chair Brodock announced that Application 2610:  Platinum Interiors, LLC – 96 High Street (Block 1916, Lot 30) has been carried to the July 8, 2019 meeting.  

Council Referral - Demolition Review Ordinance

The Board discussed the proposed report to the Council regarding the Demolition Review Ordinance.  The Board stated that the report should state that the ordinance is consistent with the intent of the Master Plan, but that there are problems with the proposed procedures.  Property owners who are affected by the proposed ordinance change should receive individual notice about the new procedures in order to be consistent with the Municipal Land Use Law and for transparency in the public process.  The Board discussed reducing the number of properties affected, as not all of the proposed historic districts included in the historic preservation plan have been thoroughly evaluated.  The Board also recommended revising the definition of demolition to state that it applies to properties where more than 50 percent of the exterior walls are removed.  It was recommended that the ordinance also address demolition by neglect.  A motion to approve the report was made by Mr. Schwartz, seconded by Ms. Willis and approved unanimously.

Council Referral – Ordinance 19-020 Amending Referrals to the HPC

Ms. Talley stated that the intent of the proposed ordinance is to exempt development applications that do not propose improvements that are visible to the public for review by the Historic Preservation Commission (HPC).  She noted that the ordinance originated with the HPC and is intended to help streamline the HPC meetings.  A motion that the proposed ordinance is consistent with the Master Plan was made by Ms. Loughman, seconded by Vice Chair Brodock and approved unanimously.

The Board took a recess at 9:15 pm and returned at 9:23. 

Application 2608:  GaRE Venture Mtc Bloom, LLC – 467- 469 Bloomfield Avenue (Block 3201, Lot 1).  Minor site plan to addition to second and third story. 

The applicant was represented by Jonathon Guldin, Esq.  The intent of the project is to update the building to provide modern office and retail space for multiple tenants.  The proposed addition will provide sufficient space for ADA-accessible bathrooms and a new elevator. 

Daniel Manning, the project architect, was accepted by the Board as a professional architect and sworn in.  Mr. Manning discussed the plan details which include the building addition, a new storefront, a new handicapped ramp to access the North Fullerton entrance to the building, and new signage.

Steve Young, the project manager, was sworn in to discuss building details.  Mr. Young stated that the existing Hampton House sign is 22 inches tall.

The Board questioned the witnesses and was concerned about the encroachment of the handicapped ramp into the North Fullerton Avenue sidewalk.  Several Board members encouraged the applicant to retain the existing Hampton House signage.  The applicant stated that the new sign replicates the size and style of the existing sign, but will not include preservation of the existing sign on the building.   The applicant agreed to meet the recommendations of the Historic Preservation Commission.

The hearing was opened to the public for questions of the witnesses regarding their testimony. 

The applicant agreed to evaluate removing the handicapped access ramp from North Fullerton Avenue and the matter was carried to the July 8 meeting.

Report from Zoning Subcommittee: 

Proposed amendments to Chapter 347 - Zoning and Chapter 202 – Land Use Procedures.  Ms. Talley summarized the two ordinances proposed by the Zoning Subcommittee.  A motion stating that the proposed ordinances are consistent with the Master Plan and should be sent to the Council for adoption was made by Ms. Loughman.  Mr. Schwartz amended the motion to state that if the Council proposes any changes to the proposed ordinances, it should be sent back to the Planning Board for review.  The amended motion was seconded by Mr. Rooney and approved unanimously.

Payment of Bills

A motion to pay bills was made by Vice Chair Brodock, seconded by Ms. Willis and approved unanimously.


The meeting was adjourned at 10:55 pm.