Licenses, Permits, Forms

Please contact the Municipal Clerk's Office for the forms you require: 973-509-4900.

Permits and Licenses
Type of Permit/License Renewal Date Cost Reference
ABC July 1 $2,500/annual Chapter 74-6
Arcade October 1 $100/annual Chapter 78-40
Auction   $50/auction Chapter 86-4
Auctioneer May 1 $100/annual
Automatic Amusement Game October 1

$100/first game
$50 each additional game

Chapter 78-32
Cabaret March 1 $300/annual Chapter 78-11
Filming   Application fee:
$150 general fee
$500 if application is submitted one day prior to filming activity

Permit fees:
$600/day for commercials and still shoots
$1500/day for major motion pictures, short films, or television productions

Bond check:
$500 security deposit (to be returned 21 days after filming)

Chapter 140-12.A
Chapter 140-12.B
Chapter 140-12.C
Chapter 140-12.D

Garage Sale   $10/sale (maximum of 2 sales each calendar year) Chapter 264-13
Landscaper October 1 $75/vehicle Chapter 200-5
Mobile Vendor January 1 $125/annual
Chapter 337-3
Peddler January 1 $100/annual
Chapter 238-12.A
Solicitor January 1 $100/annual Chapter 238-12.D
Taxi/Limo/Livery Vehicle May 1 $150/vehicle
$80/vehicle after Nov. 1
Taxi/Limo/Livery Driver May 1 $40/annual  
Towing January 1 $200/annual Chapter 322-5.E
Tree Removal Contractor October 1 $75/annual Chapter 324-4

Forms Available at the Clerk's Office

  • ABC Licenses
  • Auction Licenses
  • Auctioneer’s Licenses
  • Automatic Amusement Game Licenses
  • Cabaret Licenses
  • Filming Permits
  • Garage Sale Permits
  • Landscaper Licenses
  • Mobile Vendor’s Licenses
  • Peddler’s License
  • Raffle and Bingo Licenses
  • Special Event Licenses
  • Solicitor's Licenses
  • Taxi and Livery Vehicle Licenses (available in the Police Department)
  • Taxi and Livery Driver Licenses (available in the Police Department)
  • Movie Theater Licenses
  • Towing Company License
  • Tree Removal Contractor License

Forms Available for Download

Police Citizens Compliment / Complaint Form

Volunteer Application for appointments to Boards, Committees, or Commissions