Membership of the Commission

Membership and composition of the Historic Preservation Commission is established under Montclair Code § 347-129.  The Historic Preservation Commission consists of 7 regular members and 2 alternate members.  At least one member must be from each of the following 3 classes, with no fewer than 3 members from Classes A & B.

  • Class A: a person who is knowledgeable in building design and construction or architectural history and who may reside outside the Township.
  • Class B: a person who has demonstrated a knowledge of or who has displayed an interest in local history and who may reside outside the Township..
  • Class C: a person who is a citizen of the Township, who holds no other municipal office, position or employment, and who professes an interest in local history and/or historic preservation.

Appointments to the Historic Preservation Commission are made by the Mayor in accordance with Montclair Code § 347-130.  Officers, including the Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson of the Historic Preservation Commission, as well as the Secretary, are elected pursuant to Montclair Code § 347-131.

Commission Members

  • Kathleen Bennett (Class A), Chair
  • Jason Hyndman (Class A), Vice Chair
  • Stephen Rooney (Class A)
  • John Reimnitz (Class A)
  • Michael Graham (Class C), Planning Board
  • Gerald Sweeney (Class B)
  • VACANT, First Alternate
  • VACANT, Second Alternate

Commission Professionals & Staff