Standard Operating Procedures: Trees and Sidewalks

Under normal conditions sidewalk repair is the responsibility of the property owner.

Tree roots causing sidewalk lift or damage from an existing municipal street tree is not an act of negligence or intention on the part of the Shade Tree staff subsequent to beautification efforts.

The municipal street tree is maintained by the township Shade Tree Division staff exclusively and as such the staff will assist in the removal of any roots impacting the sidewalk where reasonably possible. The removal of impacting roots will not take place until the site is accessible, free of concrete or slate.

All requests for assistance related to root damage must be made with the Department of Community Services Shade Tree Division office.

Sidewalk repair can only be authorized within the Township of Montclair when a construction permit is acquired through the Engineering Division.

Where reasonably possible, the Shade Tree staff will coordinate efforts at the site to spare impacting an otherwise healthy tree.

Any decision to remove a municipally maintained street tree is the decision of the township Arborist and or Shade Tree Foreman.

The Township Engineer will determine the specifications needed for all sidewalk replacement.