Shade Tree Removal Ordinance

Notice to all property owners: Montclair has in place an Ordinance for the Preservation of Shade Trees § 324-5 Tree replacement.

This ordinance requires that all tree removal activities -- with limited exceptions -- be completed by tree contractors licensed in accordance with the New Jersey Tree Experts and Tree Care Operators Licensing Act.

In addition any contractor working within the Township of Montclair must be registered annually with the Township and must complete an application for a Tree Removal Permit for each tree to be removed prior to the start of any work.

Property owners who have any tree removed are required to replace the tree with a new one or they may make a $250 contribution to the township Tree Fund which is used to supplement public tree replacement in Montclair.

For complete information on the tree removal and replacement requirements in Montclair, please Download the tree removal packet containing the following items:

  • Tree Removal Contractor Registration Application
  • Tree Removal Permit Notice
  • Tree Removal Permit Application