Applying for Marriage or Civil Union

Pursuant to Governor Murphy’s Executive Order No. 135, for the duration of the Public Health Emergency, a couple may use audio-visual technology to apply for their marriage or civil union license with a local registrar. The couple is not required to appear in-person to obtain the license. The couple must contact the local registrar from whom the license is sought to seek guidance on how to apply for the license and set up a video conference.

Montclair Registrar of Vital Statistics Arlene Karp
Phone: 973-509-4973

Application process for online Marriage License

  • Before the video conference the couple will receive the application.
  • The couple will fill out the application on their end before the video conference (which will be set up during the initial call).
  • Once the conference starts the couple will show their IDs via their webcam, they will sign, and have their witness sign while on video conference with the registrar.
  • The couple will then scan the application and all IDs and email them to the registrar.
  • Once the Registrar receives the documents, she will verify with the couple, still on the video call, that all documents were received.
  • Once the Registrar receives the check for $28.00 (made out to the Township of Montclair) she will mail out the license to the couple.
  • The license will be valid for 90 days from the day it is issued.

Ceremony Process

  • The couple, 2 witnesses, and the officiant must all be in New Jersey.
  • The couple, 2 witnesses, and officiant must all be on the same live video conference.
  • The officiant will be provided the license beforehand and will perform the ceremony via video conference.
  • At the end of the ceremony, the officiant will check the ID of each party and witnesses and will then sign the license indicating the place of marriage which is the location of the officiant within NJ.
  • The officiant may scan or fax a copy of the license to the witnesses who will then sign the form.
  • The original document can then be mailed to the local registrar's office where the officiant recorded the place of event on the form.