Asbestos Disposal

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What you need to know about asbestos:

Asbestos cannot be disposed of with household refuse.
Homeowners may remove and dispose of small amounts of asbestos from their homes themselves, but it is recommended that you call a state-certified contractor. Asbestos is extremely hazardous to one’s health, and there is a set protocol to follow if you are disposing of it yourself. To find an approved contractor in your area, contact:

Tom Voorhees
NJ Department of Labor
(609) 633-2159

Asbestos is typically found in houses constructed before 1980. Here are some typical asbestos-containing materials:

Pipe Insulation
Dry Wall
9x9 tiles
Spray-on fireproofing
Glues used in flooring and/or ceiling tiles
Asbestos siding
Asbestos was used to fibrate many construction materials made out of mined-minerals

When In doubt, get it checked.

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