Bulky Waste

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Montclair Residents receive twice monthly bulky waste collection based on your area of town. See the Refuse and Bulky Waste Collection Map to find out which days your area is scheduled for pickup.

Residents should not dispose of appliances, household refuse, recyclable items, electronics, yard waste, concrete, asphalt, rocks, dirt, or toys with their bulky waste items.

On your scheduled bulky waste collection day, you can dispose of a maximum of three (3) large household items. No item can weigh more than fifty (50) pounds.

The following are acceptable bulky waste items:

  • large wooden furniture, more than four (4) feet in length
  • chairs, sofas, and loveseats
  • lamps, more than four (4) feet
  • fans, window or ceiling
  • refuse cans, metal or rigid plastic
  • rugs, rolled or bundled (one roll = one bulky waste item)
  • linoleum, rolled (one roll = one bulky waste item)
  • umbrellas, large beach and patio umbrellas
  • metal window frames (glass removed): if loose = one item, if tied in a bundle of three (3) = one item
  • metal screens: if loose = one item, if tied in a bundle of three = one item
  • mattresses and box springs
  • headboards and bed frames
  • swimming pools (baby pools)
  • commodes (toilets)
  • cast iron sinks
  • bath tubs
  • PVC or metal pipes, up to ten (10) feet in length
  • lawnmowers and snow blowers (gas and oil removed)

In addition, you may also include up to two (2) containers weighing no more than 50 pounds each, of construction and demolition debris* (see note below). Each container counts as one (1) bulky waste item.

*Construction and demolition debris is defined as small amounts of wood, wallboard, tiles, sheet rock, and wooden shingles from construction, remodeling, repair, and demolition operations. Concrete, bricks, asphalt, masonry, rocks, stone, and soil are not accepted.

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