Yard Waste

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Purchasing Leaf Bags: Ten (10) leaf bags are available free of charge to each Township household during the fall season. Additional bags are also available for purchase: these bags come in bundles of five (5) and cost $1.75 per bundle; exact change is appreciated. Bags may be collected at the Department of Community Services office, 219 No. Fullerton Avenue; call (973) 509-5711 for leaf bag collection hours, or for further information.


  • Branches are defined as any tree, bush or shrub parts less than one (1) inch in diameter.
  • Branches will be collected with your yard waste.
  • Branches must be cut in lengths of 36-inches or less and must be securely bundled. Bundles cannot weigh more than 25 pounds each. Loose piles of branches will not be collected.
  • Branches are limited to two (2) bundles per collection.

Christmas/Holiday Trees

  • Christmas Trees placed at the curb will be picked up on a weekly basis during the entire month of January.
  • All trees are chipped and recycled as compost, so the stand, the plastic bag cover, and all lights and tinsel must be removed.

Grass Clippings

  • Grass clippings are recycled in Montclair from May to October on your regularly scheduled recycling day.
  • Clippings may be placed curbside in paper yard waste bags (no more than 50 pounds each).


  • Weather permitting, leaves are accepted for recycling in Montclair during the fall and spring collection periods (generally from mid-October through the end of December and the entire month of April).
  • Leaves must be placed curbside in paper yard waste bags for pickup on your regular weekly recycling day.
  • Leaf yard waste bags must contain leaves only. Anything other than trace amounts of small yard debris (e.g., twigs) cannot be included with leaves. Bags noted to contain other miscellaneous debris will not be collected.

NOTE: Loose leaves cannot be raked into the street for collection.


  • Logs are defined as any tree part one (1) inch or larger in diameter.
  • Residents must make their own arrangements for disposal.
  • Logs or firewood are not collected as vegetative waste or with the normal refuse collection.


  • Stumps are not collected by the township. Residents must make their own arrangements for disposal.


  • Can be composted or added to paper yard waste bags for pickup on your scheduled recycling day.

Woody Tree Waste

  • This includes: wood chips/chunks, tree bark, acorns, misc. nuts, tree droppings, etc.
  • These items may be mixed together and will be collected with yard waste collection in brown bio-degradable paper bags not weighing more than 50 pounds each.


  • Wreaths are not recyclable and will be collected with refuse.

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