Procedure for Bringing Your Concern about a Parking or Traffic Issue to the Traffic and Parking Advisory Committee (TPAC)

Important Forms:

Forms may also be picked up at:

Office of the Municipal Clerk
205 Claremont Avenue, first floor
Montclair, NJ 07042 phone: 973-509-4900

Montclair Parking Utility
205 Claremont Avenue, third floor
Montclair, NJ 07042 phone: 973-509-4997

Fill out the PARKING AND TRAFFIC ISSUE FORM and return form to Montclair Parking Utility (see address above). A petition is appropriate for issues affecting multiple properties.

TPAC may require that the person(s) initiating the concern get a petition of affected residents and/or businesses. You may start a petition prior to the TPAC meeting or you can wait until after the meeting to petition. Download petition:

TPAC will determine the footprint of the affected area and 67% of residents of affected area will be required to present a strong case that the change is truly wanted by the residents. A residence is defined as a tax lot and each tax lot gets one vote. If the property contains a multiple dwelling, the determination is based on the number of occupied dwelling units, with one vote per occupied dwelling unit, one vote per building owner.

The person(s) presenting the petition must vouch for the accuracy of the petition. All petition signers must be informed that all new parking rules will apply to the themselves (the signers), as well as visitors and other parkers, and changes to parking can not be undone for 3 years.

A request for a traffic change, such as speed reduction, may trigger a calming study, as determined by township Engineer. Download the Petition for Traffic Calming Study here (petition is included in the final page of the study).

Step 3. TPAC meeting
Your issue will be heard at the next TPAC meeting (third Wednesday of most months). You will want to present your issue (and petition, if applicable) to TPAC. TPAC will discuss and study the issue, may require more information and, if warranted, may send action advisory to Town Council. TPAC will make recommendations at most meetings, or by the next meeting.

4. Town Council
Town Council may hear, study, pass or not pass an ordinance on these parking and traffic issues.