Parking Permits

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Single Use Parking Permit
Visitors/guests/friends/family of Montclair residents who display this permit may park in a municipal parking lot marked ”Permit Parking Only” or in front of the resident's home until 8:00 a.m. the following morning. The single-use visitor parking permits may be purchased online and printed at home at a daily rate of $5.


Montclair Parking Utility rates are listed below:

Permits are now monthly, with the exception of High School.

Current permit holders may renew permits at Montclair Click and Park.

All train station parking permits are now valid 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Permit holders will now be allowed to park overnight in all transit lots without needing to purchase an additional overnight permit.

Parking Permit Fees & Other Parking Fees
Location Permit Required Permit Fee
Bellevue Lot U-Non Train Station $50/month
Bellevue-Erie RR Lot U-Train Station $60/month
Bellevue-Lorraine Ext. Lot U-Train Station $60/month
Bellevue-Lorraine Lot U-Non Train Station $50/month
Fairfield Lot W-Non Train Station $50/month
Gates Avenue Lot C $50/month
Grove Street Lot G $50/month
Mountain Avenue/Laurel Place U $50/month
Lloyd Road L $50/month
Maple Parking Lot C $50/month
Midtown Parking Lot C $50/month
Montague Parking Lot C $50/month
Montclair Heights M $50/month
Plymouth Parking Lot C $50/month
Portland Parking Lot C $50/month
South Fullerton Parking Lot C $50/month
Upper Montclair Lot U-Non Train Station $60/month
Valley Road Lot C $50/month
Walnut Street Lot W-Train Station $60/month
Watchung Ext. Lot W-Non Tran Station $50/month
Watchung Lot W-Train Station $60/month
Parking Deck Permits
Bay Street Deck Bay Street Deck Permit $60/month, $7.00/day
Crescent Deck Crescent Deck Permit Day: $70/month, Night: $60/month 24 Hour: $130/month, $1.00/hour
Fullerton Deck FD, FN FD: $50/month
FN: $45/month
Fullerton Deck C $50/month
Other Permits
Multi-car permit (§230-10)   $3.00/month (excludes Bay Street and Crescent decks)
Night (§230-5) N $45/month
On-street permit parking for MHS Students (§228-4) HS Permit

Semester 1: Sept.-Jan.
Semester 2: Feb. - Jun.

Overnight Parking (§327-15) Overnight On-street Permit (S) See full list. $45/month
Replacement decal (§231-11B)   Free
Single Use Overnight Parking (§ 327-15) Single Use Permit $5.00/night
Temporary Overnight Parking Permit (§327-15.1) Construction Permit $75/month
Transfer of permit (§230-11A)   Free