A to Z Disposal Guide

Recyling IconDon’t Throw It All Away!

The Montclair office of Environmental Affairs continually looks for opportunities to save money for the municipality by reducing any waste of energy, fuels, or solid waste. This is not only an economically responsible policy, but also environmentally sustainable.

It’s On My List

To further our reduction of solid waste -- and therefore lower our collection, hauling, and disposal costs -- we have now created a comprehensive “A--Z Disposal Guide,” listing every conceivable item residents might generate from our homes or property. This helpful tool, available on the township’s website is filled with category descriptions, collection and drop-off schedules, and waste prevention alternatives for virtually everything from our homes -- over 250 items so far, from Aerosol cans to Zip drives. (Go to A to Z Disposal Guide)

The list categorizes each item clearly as either refuse (garbage), recycling, bulky waste, household hazardous waste (HHW), yard waste, white goods (household appliances), electronics, scrap metal, medical waste, or any other type.

Additionally, the A-Z List explains how to properly dispose of each category, and, in many cases, suggests alternate disposal options -- to help “keep it off the curb” -- including reuse opportunities, donations, search-and-share sites, or specific (and precise) drop-off instructions.

Using the list should substantially reduce a significant portion of Montclair’s waste stream, and the associated costs that go with it.

Less than Zero

Reducing the amount of waste we generate from our communities to as close to zero as possible is a critically important step toward achieving the economic, environmental, and social benefits of sustainability.

Instead of disposing of our wasted materials in ways that carry costs for our taxpayers, our environment, and the climate, we should continue to promote Zero Waste policies that reduce trash, and instead increase our ability to reduce, reuse, recycle and compost.

Don't see it on the list? Let us know by calling the office of Environmental Affairs at 973 509-5721, or email grussell@montclairnjusa.org.