Membership and composition of the Development Review Committee is established under Montclair Code § 202-10.2.  

The Development Review Committee shall consist of five members. The appointees shall be two members from the Planning Board (one of whom may be the Mayor) to be appointed by the Planning Board Chairman; one member from the Zoning Board of Adjustment to be appointed by the Board of Adjustment Chairman; the Planning Director; and the Board Engineer. 

The terms of all members shall be one year, commencing from the first day of January of the year of appointment. Vacancies shall be filled in the same manner as the original appointment, and those vacancies occurring other than by the expiration of a term shall be filled for the duration of the unexpired term. Members shall continue serving after the expiration of their terms until such time as their successors shall be appointed.

Development Review Committee
Member Position Term Expiration 
William Harrison Board of Adjustment  December 31, 2018 
Martin Schwartz Planning Board December 31, 2018 
Stephen Rooney Planning Board December 31, 2018 
Janice Talley, PP, AICP Planning Director December 31, 2018
Thomas Watkinson, PE Board Engineer December 31, 2018 
Joseph Fleischer Board of Adjustment - Alternate  December 31, 2018