Midtown Deck Update

Posted 06-21-22

The Midtown Deck is complete except for an ADA non-compliance issue concerning handicapped van parking. Without complete compliance the deck cannot receive a Certificate of Occupancy.

Currently the deck’s ADA-compliant van parking leads to the existing alleyway to Bloomfield Avenue. The deck exit itself is compliant but the alleyway does not meet current ADA compliance standards. It was not part of the Midtown Deck construction and was put in place years prior to deck construction. The alleyway is in a historic area of town. Its elevations cannot be greatly modified to meet current ADA standards.

The building department will not provide a Certificate of Occupancy without the alleyway complying with ADA requirements. To do so, legal issues could ensue as well as the potential for future problems with ADA-required entrance/exit access.

The parking deck developer investigated many options to meet ADA standards, however because of the elevation of the alleyway property, the grades necessary for complete compliance with ADA regulations cannot be achieved due to the topography and existing buildings elevations.

The Planning Board engineer also reviewed the plan and alleyway elevations to provide another opinion on existing conditions and to consider what might be a possible resolution. Based on discussions with all professionals involved the following resolution has been suggested:

The alleyway will be regraded to be as compliant as possible with handrails being installed to address ADA compliance for the exit. This modification will allow the building department to issue a formal variation to the code for the non-conforming exit.

We are now back to the planning stage for the alleyway. Once new drawings are submitted and approved, we will order the handrails and bring in a contractor to reconstruct the alleyway. The project will be expedited for the Midtown Deck to meet compliance and open as soon as possible.

All project stakeholders are working to make the deck a compliant parking amenity for everyone to use.