Redevelopment Plans

There are multiple redevelopment and rehabilitation areas in the Township, as indicated on the Online Zoning Map. Redevelopment plans offer many incentives to development, including specific zoning provisions tailored to the characteristics of each redevelopment area; a defined vision for the area that has already been adopted for the Township; and a variety of financing mechanisms that can help offset the high costs of redevelopment including Five-Year Tax Exemptions and Long-Term Tax Abatements. The following redevelopment plans are in effect in Montclair:

Amended Hahnes Redevelopment Plan

Hospital Redevelopment Plan

New and Mission/Elm Street Redevelopment Plan

Bay Street Station Redevelopment Plan

Pine Street Redevelopment Plan

Montclair Center Gateway Redevelopment Plan – Phase 1 

Eastern Gateway Redevelopment Plan

• Seymour Street Redevelopment Plan

HUMC/Mountainside Hospital Redevelopment Plan

The following redevelopment areas have been designated, but the redevelopment plans have not yet been adopted:

• Glenridge Avenue Redevelopment Area

• Montclair Center Gateway Redevelopment Area – Phase 2

For more information about the Township’s redevelopment program, please contact the Planning Department at (973) 509-4954.