Boy playing T-BallT-Ball Coach/Pitch for grades K-2

When: April  to June

Where: Edgemont Park, Valley Road

Cost: TBD

Register: Montclair Baseball-Softball Club

Coach Pitch is designed for kids in grades K-2. After reviewing some of the fundamental skills during the first two weeks, the players move quickly to scrimmages and games.  Kids will be assigned to teams and will have a schedule for pratices and games. League standings are not kept but this program is much more game oriented than T-Ball. Parents usually serve as coaches but there are always professional coaches, college and high school players on the field to help with the practices and games. This disivision wll also have a chance to play at Yogi Berra Stadium near the end of the season.

Girls are welcome to play in this program but softball will not be taught . MBSC has a coach pitch Softball division that is primarily for girls.

For more information, visit the Montclair Baseball-Softball Club website.

kids playing T-BallT-Ball Squirts for ages 3-5

When: April to June

Where: Edgemont Park, Valley Road

Cost: TBD

Register: ussportsinstitute.com

USSI's T-Ball Squirts is a great way to introduce your young slugger to this exciting game. Open to both boys and girls, there's no better introduction to the sports of baseball or softball.

Utilizing fun games and activities, players will develop their skills in hitting, throwing, base running and fielding. At the end of each session participants will apply these skills into realistic mini game situations.

For more information, visit the ussportsinstitute.com/programs/sports-squirts