Sewer Utility Rates & Charges

Montclair Township Sewer Utility bills: only one mailing for both periods.

Sewer bills are mailed at the end of May. The first period payment is due June 30; the second period payment is due December 1. Only one bill is sent out with two stubs for each payment.

For sewer billing questions, please call: 973-509-4977, 4921

Sewer Utility rates and charges are posted on eCode360:

Article II: Sewer Connections
§ 269-22: Establishment of rates and charges.

The Township Council shall review said rates and charges annually to preserve the self-liquidating status of the utility. Each user shall pay an annual rental charge for use of the sewer system and an annual usage fee for treatment of discharges to the system. The rental charge, also known as the "capacity charge," shall be based on the size of the user's water meter. The treatment charge shall be based on actual treatment costs incurred by the utility, to be billed to all users according to a formula as set forth below. These annual charges shall be payable each year in two equal installments on June 1 and December 1, except that annual charges for "large institutional users" (to be defined in accordance with written guidelines prepared by the Superintendent and approved by the Township Manager) shall be paid in one annual payment due on August 1 of each year.