Montclair to Have Cleaner, Cheaper Energy

Montclair Residents to Have Cleaner, Cheaper Energy
Posted on 06/25/2019
Montclair Residents to Have Cleaner, Cheaper Energy

Montclair, along with four (4) other Essex County towns, is now part of the Sustainable Essex Alliance Energy Procurement Cooperative (SEA EPC), bringing a lower rate and greener, renewable electricity supply to residents. The cleaner, cheaper supply will still be delivered by PSE&G, and we still pay our bills to PSE&G; the only difference is that we will pay a little less, for much more renewable electricity.

PSE&G recently mailed notices announcing the program to every Montclair address.

This cleaner electricity supply is composed of double the amount of renewable energy required by the State: a total clean energy content of around 40% overall for Montclair, Glen Ridge, Verona, Maplewood and South Orange, compared to the rest of the state.

In addition, the SEA’s non-variable contract translates to more than 10% savings on our electricity supply rate, compared to projected PSE&G’s rate, for all Montclair residents. Depending on usage, the average Montclair account will save approximately $150 over the year-and-a-half life of the contract. If an estimated 12,000 town residents participate in the plan, this will bring overall savings of around $1.8 million for our community.

Therefore, both cost savings and more renewable content will be realized simultaneously.

The program also includes a package of residential energy efficiency information and outreach programs, helping residents – especially low-income homeowners – learn how to take advantage of existing state programs for lowering their energy usage even further, reducing their utility bills (and emissions) even more.

Participation in the SEAEPC program is always 100% optional, with no fees or penalties to opt out from the cheaper, cleaner electricity supply; all residents were sent a Program Notification Letter by mail, including an Opt-Out Notice providing information about the various ways to opt out for any reason, at any time.

If you do not take action to opt-out, starting this July until December 2010 you will be paying less for an improved (cleaner and greener) product.

Finally, this SEAEPC program is now the largest clean energy and cost-saving electricity purchasing co-op in the state, establishing Montclair and the Sustainable Essex Alliance towns as model municipalities, initiating smart, sustainable solutions locally and enabling an investment in clean, renewable energy to stem the disruptive effects of climate change.

If anyone ever has any questions, please feel free to call Montclair’s Environmental Affairs office anytime, at 973-509-5721, or email