Townshipwide Reval Complete, Letters Sent to Property Owners

Townshipwide Reval Complete, Letters Sent to Property Owners
Posted on 02/01/2018
Townshipwide Reval Complete, Letters Sent to Property OwnersProfessional Property Appraisers, Inc. (PPA) completed a total revaluation of all Montclair Township properties and is sending revaluation letters to all property owners.

Reminder: once you receive your value letter from PPA, if you wish to meet with one of their representatives to discuss your new value, you may set up an appointment by callin 1-800-410-5815 during the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Walk-ins are not permitted.

The 2018 total assessments were established with information obtained by PPA field inspectors and analyses of all relevant market data, including current sales and market conditions. The 2018 estimated annual taxes were calculated using the 2017 budget and do not include any 2018 budgetary adjustments that are yet to be determined. The revaluation takes effect in 2018.

Please note: you will not see the tax impact of the revaluation until the 2018 August third quarter and November fourth quarter tax bill.

The Township contracted PPA last year to provide a revaluation of all Montclair properties as mandated by the Essex County Board of Taxation and the State of New Jersey. State law requires that all real property be assessed at 100% of market value to ensure an equitable distribution of real estate taxes.

The revaluation has been approved by the Director, Division of Taxation for the State of New Jersey, and the Essex County Board of Taxation.

If you have questions about the property revaluation process, please call the Tax Assessor’s office at 973-509-4919.