Landlord-Tenant Advisory Committee

To contact the committee call 973-744-1400 ext. 6055.

For Landlord or Tenant Inquiries and to request a virtual meeting, please download and complete the landlord/tenant inquiry form(PDF, 85KB) and email it to Allow 5-7 business days for a response.
  1. The Landlord-Tenant Advisory Committee shall monitor and engage in an ongoing review of rental housing issues in the Township and make recommendations to the Township Council for the improvement of rental housing accommodations and conditions; and
  2. The Committee shall be authorized to respond to inquiries from tenants and landlords and to provide information as to rights and obligations, and to direct landlords and tenants to appropriate sources of information and assistance, including mediation services; and
  3. The Committee shall not provide legal advice nor engage in any formal process of dispute resolution, including mediation; and
  4. The Committee shall consist of nine (9) members who shall serve for a period of three years. The membership shall be comprised of at least four (4) tenants and two (2) landlords. Terms shall be staggered so that three (3) members are appointed each year. Initial appointments shall include three (3) members with one (1) year terms to effectuate the staggered schedule. All members shall be appointed by resolution of the Township Council; an
  5. The Committee shall elect its own chairperson, vice-chairperson, and recording secretary, and shall meet at least six (6) times each year and shall be made available to the Council, upon request; and
  6. The Committee may adopt procedural rules and regulations for the conduct of its business which shall be subject to the approval of the Township Council.
Source: Resolution R-21-247 adopted by the Mayor and Council on December 21, 2021.