Recreation & Cultural Affairs

The Montclair Department of Recreation & Cultural Affairs offers year-round recreational, athletic and cultural programs for all ages and abilities. The Department serves the interests and welfare of all residents through programs that encourage healthful and active lifestyles, provide opportunities for learning and enrichment, and help foster a sense of community. The Department strives to offer a wide variety of activities through innovative programs and cooperative ventures in order to continue building recreational opportunities while enhancing the quality of life for Montclair residents. 

Youth and Athletic Programs:

Garland Thornton, Activities Superintendent
Phone: 973-509-4913   Email:

Pools and Athletic Programs:

Ethan Turner, Aquatic/Activities Coordinator

Phone: 973-509-4911  Email:

Recreation Programs:

Phone: 973-509-4915

Event Cancellation Information

Phone: 973-509-4914