Office of the Township Clerk

montclait_logo_bw.png The Office of the Township Clerk is historical in its traditions, serving as a direct link between residents and their local government since Biblical times. The early keepers of archives were called "remembrancers" and before writing came into use, their memory served as the public record.

The title "clerk" developed from the Latin word clericus, meaning a scholar, especially one who could read and write well and thus serve as an official record keeper authorized to perform legal formalities.

In every municipality of New Jersey there shall be a municipal clerk appointed by the governing body.  The position of deputy municipal clerk may be established by the governing body.  The deputy municipal clerk shall have all the powers of the municipal clerk during the absence of the municipal clerk.

The statutory authority and core duties of the Township Clerk include serving in the following capacities for the Township of Montclair:

  1. Secretary of the Municipal Corporation;
  2. Secretary to the Governing Body;
  3. Chief Administrative Officer in all Elections held in the Municipality;
  4. Chief Registrar of Voters in the Municipality;
  5. Administrative Officer for issuance of Licenses and Permits; and
  6. Records Manager.

In addition, the Township Clerk is tasked with performing other duties imposed by statute, regulation or by municipal ordinance.