1st Ward Councilor Erik D'Amato


First Ward Councilor Erik D’Amato has lived on Norwood Avenue in Montclair since August 2014.

A native of the Union County city of Plainfield, D’Amato attended Hampshire College, where he majored in political economy and African studies, and went on to a career in media and business focused on the Global South and post-communist worlds, living abroad for 16 years and working in more than 40 countries on five continents.

He is currently the proprietor of D’Amato Research LLC, a corporate intelligence and communications consultancy.

D’Amato is the proud parent of two Montclair Public School students, and the husband of Janet Haven, the executive director of the Data & Society Research Institute, and a member of the National AI Advisory Committee.

The organizer of the successful 2021 referendum to give Montclair an elected, independent school board, D’Amato has been a vocal advocate for transparency, accountability and efficiency in local government. His other priorities include the future of transit, public facilities, and fiscal and environmental sustainability.