Montclair Code Enforcement would like to remind commercial property owners and occupants of several common issues and their applicable ordinance for reference.

Commercial Refuse Collection

The Township of Montclair does NOT collect any refuse from commercial properties. Each property is responsible to have a disposal contract with a reputable vendor. Issues related to such are the responsibility of the property owner. See Chapter 292-27.

Permits for signs

The Montclair Zoning Department issues permits for the display of many types of signs (banners, A-frames, window content, etc.). Please contact the Department of Planning and Zoning at 973-509-4981 for questions regarding size, duration and content.

Below are some of the township ordinances to which the signs and their manner of display must adhere.

ORDINANCE #347-107.4 – SIGN ILLUMINATION. Prohibit light bulbs, singly or in combination, used as an attraction device; strobe lights; black (i.e., ultraviolet) lights; string lights; flashing or moving lights of any kind; and similar uses of illumination as attraction devices.

ORDINANCE #347-108 – PROHIBITED SIGNS. The following signs are prohibited: Advertising Signs; Flashing or moving signs; Internally-illuminated signs; Neon framing, tubing and bare-bulb illumination; Roof signs; Pennants and banners (feather banners); Exposed LED bulbs (expect for gas station prices); Signs in the right-of-way or affixed to trees, fences or utility poles.

ORDINANCE #347-110.1 – WALL-MOUNTED BUSINESS SIGNS. Aggregate sign area not to exceed one square foot for each foot of storefront width. Sign may not extend beyond portion of building occupied by referenced business. Maximum sign height 24 inches. Maximum sign height to top of sign: 12 feet or top of ground floor, whichever is greater. Only one wall-mounted sign per business per public facing façade; maximum of 2 signs.

ORDINANCE #347-110.2 – WINDOW MOUNTED SIGNS. Signs cannot extend beyond portion of building occupied by referenced business. Signs placed only in windows facing street or municipal parking lot. Maximum sign area 20% of the area of each window. Neon signs are not permitted in windows. All windows must be transparent and not covered by opaque material; except for sign area.

ORDINANCE #347-110.4 – SIDEWALK SIGNS. All sidewalk signs must receive a permit from the Zoning Officer. Signs must be of an A-frame design and cannot exceed 2 feet in width and 3 feet in height. Sign must be of wood, metal or chalkboard. Sign must be located in front of the building in which the retail establishment is located. Sign must be taken indoors at close of business each day.

ORDINANCE #347-110.5(A) – AWNING SIGNS. Sign text on lowest 12 inches of awning or canopy and such text cannot exceed 6 inches in height.

ORDINANCE #347-110.5(D) – PROJECTING SIGNS. One projecting sign permitted for each business, per public façade. All parts of sign shall be 8 feet above road or sidewalk surface. Projecting sign shall not extend more than 3 feet from building and cannot exceed 12 square feet in area.

ORDINANCE #347-110.6 – TEMPORARY SIGNS. Banner signs are permitted and require a Zoning Permit from the Zoning Officer. Banner signs are permitted up to 30 days. Maximum banner sign size must conform to Wall-Mounted Business Sign requirements. Grand Opening signs are permitted for up to 14 days and require a Zoning Permit from the Zoning Officer. Temporary window signs are permitted and cannot exceed 20% of the window area.

ORDINANCE #347-136 – HISTORIC PRESERVATION COMMISSION CERTIFICATE OF APPROPRIATENESS. For businesses located in landmark historic districts or an individual landmark, a Certificate of Appropriateness is required from the Commission before any change in existing, or addition of new, signs or exterior lights.

If further information is required, please contact the Department of Planning 973-509-4954 or contact the Code Enforcement Office 973-509-5703.