Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable processes all bill payments by way of a Purchase Order voucher system. This includes all vendor invoices which pay our business suppliers, all township reimbursements, specific permit refunds, pool passes, tax refunds and most all funds that are paid out by the Township. Accounts payable also functions internally to distribute reimbursement payments, such as petty cash, out-of-pocket expenses such as office supplies, travel / mileage reimbursements, postage, etc.

The Accounts Payable payment process comprises the following procedures:

When a department orders goods or services from a vendor, a purchase requisition is generated to request that funds for payment be encumbered. The department head must sign the requisition before sending it to the Purchasing Department for the Qualified Purchasing Agent’s (QPA) signature.

The QPA generates a Purchase Order and sends a receiving report to the department ordering the goods and services.

The QPA also sends a voucher to the vendor. The vendor must sign the voucher and return it (original voucher, no photocopies) with the invoice plus any other documentation that may be required (such as a W-9, or vendor profile) to the “Ship To” address, located at the top of the document.

The voucher and other documentation should not be sent to Accounts Payable – doing so, will slow the payment process.

Once the vendor fulfills the order, the department director signs the receiving report, and sends it with the invoice to Accounts Payable for payment.

The signed receiving report is verification to Accounts Payable that all goods or services have been received in their entirety, and attests that the department is in agreement with the charges stated on the invoice.

Payment is sent only after final approval by Township Council as part of a bill resolution that is voted on at a public meeting. The bill list presented to Council for approval at each meeting is posted on the township website as part of the meeting agenda.

After Council approves the bills for payment, a check is cut and mailed to the vendor by the end of that week.

If you have received a purchase order voucher and have questions about payment, the charges, the invoice(s) to which it corresponds, or if you have an address change or correction, please contact the department to whom goods and services are to be provided. The department information is located at the top of the purchase order voucher in the “Ship To” box.

Vendors who have followed all of the above but have not yet received payment may contact Ramona Boyer in Accounts Payable at